The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within

Now, some of you might say this is a bit of a harsh statement when it comes to our government, however, I will tell you as one who took an oath to defend our constitution from enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC, that the current government as we know it today, the very ones our forefathers told us to avoid at all costs, are driving our country into the ground. They indeed are NOT representing We The People. In fact, they are entrenched so deep in their own bank accounts and self-interests that they have forgotten WE even exist. It goes far beyond even those two facts, our very government is harboring and abating the enemy both abroad and domestically.

Recent headlines from around the world pop in so frequently that it is hard to catch HALF of the shenanigans at play. Let’s just look at a few items that really sum up the big picture:

Funding for Ukraine - To date, the United States alone has pushed over $150 billion with a recent request to nearly double that number, into a proxy war against the Russians. Don’t think for a minute this is about eliminating the Russian threat and a push for democracy in Ukraine because it is not. If it were then Ukraine would not have killed their election this year and the NATO forces would have been fighting alongside the Ukrainian cannon fodder for the past 18 months. This is about pushing the Russians out of Ukraine’s eastern flank and protecting the Deep States assets in the country which have been there since 1948. Since many Americans are starting to push back on the amount of money, not to mention the news that we have all but depleted our inventories to fight our enemy, the Deep State is now working to create a diversion in the Middle East that will “bundle” the funding so we can’t see directly where it is all going.

Withdrawing from Afghanistan - President Biden said that after nearly 20 years of war, it was clear that the US military could not transform Afghanistan into a modern, stable democracy. So what did our genius government do? They fled the country and left behind $7 billion dollars of modern US weaponry. To add insult to injury, they also brought 120,000 Afghanis via C17s and chartered flights into the United States and continue to do so to this day to the tune of 2,000 migrants a month.

Funding Iran and Hezbollah - Before Obama left office he authorized $400 million to Iran and flew planeloads of cash to the country. IRAN folks, the very people who tell the United States they want to kill us and Israel every chance they get! It didn’t stop there, since his puppet Biden came into office the United States has done everything in its power to HELP Iran create a Nuclear missile program. In fact, within Biden’s first 60 days in office, he released the sanction against the US missile manufacturer to allow Iran’s missile program to start back up. I wish I could say it ended there, however, in recent months the Biden administration has continued to unfreeze assets all around the globe to Iran bringing their much-needed cashflow into the positive. Let us not forget as well that the Biden administration was actually called onto the carpet for a SECRET Iran Nuclear deal they were working on behind the scenes. You may also recall in recent weeks the administration released $6 billion dollars in a prisoner swap. Although the media would like us all to think the money was frozen after the Hamas attacks, it actually was not as the White House later confirmed. My understanding from Glenn Beck is that the United States has given Iran some $50 billion dollars to date. Furthermore, Iran has also admitted they were key to the attacks against Israel using the funds and continue to engage Hezbollah to attack Israel from the north.

Funding and Training Palestinians and Hamas - Within the last 6 months the United States has been training 5000 Palestinian security forces in Jordan, just across the border from the occupied West Bank. In addition to this, the United States began to give the Palestinians armored vehicles to go along with their training. The United States has also within the last 6 months, pumped several hundred million dollars into Palestine. Now, as one who has visited the area within the last year, I will tell you it is an absolute run-down disaster. There is graffiti and trash everywhere, even the buildings are dirty. So if US aid is pouring into the area, it certainly isn’t going to the people or their communities.

Funding Gaza and Hamas - The headline from today, “White House envoy says continuous flow of aid to Gaza will start tomorrow. ” So while the Israelis are fighting for their very existence, the United States is pushing aid into an area where their enemy is being starved out. Further enabling the enemy to live and fight another day. If you think for a second that this humanitarian aid is being used to help feed the starving people, then you know very little about Hamas and Hezbollah. These animals will take everything that comes in and bait the people who are going to use it for their families. They will use them as human shields to prevent the IDF from getting a clean shot into a hot area. Much like the Iranians do with Hezbollah, Hamas controls the areas and the people within them with an iron fist. Note: although the US has stated that continuous aid will start, the only ones to date that I can find via aircraft arrivals bringing aid to the area through Egypt are the Muslims.

The United States Southern Border and Migrant Infiltration - it isn’t bad enough that our southern borders have been left wide open and that the administration has been tieing the hands of our border patrol to prevent them from stopping the invasion, but the US Gov has been bringing people in from other hostile countries in droves and placing them directly into our cities, putting all of us at risk. Just follow Michael Yon’s posts from the Darien Gap and you will see that the United States along with the UN are not only funding people to make the trip to our border, but telling them exactly what to say when they get there. Make no mistake, we are being invaded by fighting-aged males who are showing up by themselves from Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, China, Venezuela, Columbia, Yemen, etc. at our southern border and who are given plane and bus tickets to places all over our country. If I were fleeing a war-torn country and seeking asylum, I damn sure would not leave my wife and kids behind. Now, if I were going into battle, THAT is exactly what I WOULD do. You may remember about a year ago when I broke the story about the H.E.A.T vests that went on back order to the public because the US Gov purchased a sea of these things… I am really starting to wonder if this isn’t where they are going. Couple this information with the fact that we have brought in 3.5 million migrants into our country this year (and we still have 2 and half months to go), we should all be VERY concerned that our government has brought in a stealth army to fight We The People with the promise of citizenship.

This is being done in an effort to destabilize our country and these people know exactly what they are doing! So you see folks, the current United States government administration is committing TREASON against WE THE PEOPLE by funding our enemies and allowing them to enter our country unchecked! The question remains, what are WE going to do about it?

Monkey out.

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