About the Monkey

Many people know the Monkey as MilSpecOpsMonkey from some of his older social media channels. Monkey provides commentary and analysis on current events, especially related to military aviation and geopolitics.

The Monkey was born and raised on the east coast of central Florida and is a second-generation surfer as well as a third-generation military veteran who has spent more than thirty years in the aerospace and defense industry working across a range of areas from supply chain logistics, aircraft maintenance, lean manufacturing, and advanced weapons programs.

After three decades of corporate politics, Monkey decided to throw in the towel and, in late 2019, started MonkeyWerx in the great State of Texas. In addition to podcasts and blogs, Monkey creates and sells some amazing artisan-made products such as soaps, coffee, and various other items. All of them are Monkey-tested and monkey-approved.

Why I Do It

I am on a mission from God…

After the election, I was at a crossroad in my life on what I was going to do next, so I took it to God in prayer. Here was His answer:

“If this ended your fight, then you were fighting the wrong fight. Did I not call you into ministry? Did I not deliver you to feed my people? Your work is not done until I snatch you up!”

Then, I watched my YouTube channel shoot from 12,000 followers to over 450,000 in about 60 days. So today, my mission is simple. Feed His people. Whether it is through my aircraft tracking, my ministry driven content, or through items I develop in my shop, His Word is intertwined throughout.

Monkey Werx. Werx for the Soul.