The Godfather

The Godfather

Before we dig deeply into how the Deep State began, we have to look closely at two key individuals - The Dulles brothers John Foster and Allen. Although John Foster Dulles was an intricate player in future deep state activities with his role at the State Department, it was his younger brother, Allen, who we will focus primarily on as he appears to be the conduit by which all roads lead to the formation of the shadow government we call The Deep State.

Allen Dulles - Nazi. Traitor. The Godfather.

As one of the most infamous figures in the history of American intelligence, Allen Dulles, has been dead center in shadow government controversy for quite some time. Many accounts of his activities have been referenced in David Talbot's book, "The Devil’s Chessboard." If you have not read it, I would highly recommend it as it will talk to the details around Allen and his brother as well as many others around the overtaking of our government.

Born on April 7, 1893, Allen was raised in a family steeped in public service. From his grandfather who served as Secretary of State under President Benjamin Harrison, to his older brother, John Foster Dulles, who would later serve in the same role under President Eisenhower. These early exposures to the intricacies of diplomacy and politics would heavily influenced his career trajectory as one of the world’s top spies.

Allen’s career in intelligence began during World War I, serving in the U.S. diplomatic service in Vienna, Berne, and other European capitals. During the interwar period, he worked as a lawyer and diplomat, including a stint at the State Department. However, his life took a dramatic turn during World War II where Allen served in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) stationed in Switzerland (keep in mind the OSS later becomes the CIA). There, Allen cultivated massive networks of agents and informants while playing a significant role in America's intelligence gathering in Nazi Germany.

To say Allen’s role was significant at that time would be an understatement as he had contact with many Nazi officials, including Hitler and his top men. Without going into too much detail, one of the operations that highlights the dual-agent role of Allen’s work in the field is Operation Sunshine where Dulles, against the direction of the US President, would negotiate and promise freedom to several of the Third Reich’s infamous characters who were directly responsible for killing millions of Jews. These are names like Heinrich Himmler and Karl Friedrich Wolff aka The Wolf ( referred to affectionately by Hitler as Wolfie). Allen’s work with the Nazi’s would highlight his admiration of their structure and power and create the future pathway to their standup and infiltration within the US Government. Allen’s relationship with the Wolf would later be played out after the war where Allen had a key role in the Wolf’s freedom and who was never punished for his war crimes. In fact, Allen before the wars end could be found plotting ways to overthrow Hitler and stand up his two acquaintances in one of his many plays for power.

You may also know of Allen’s handy work through three other clandestine Operations: PO Box 1142, Operation Overcast (1945) and Operation Paperclip (1946). Both programs would covertly bring Nazi’s into America and seed the future operations of ARPA (now DARPA), NASA, and the CIA. PO Box 1142 would take place with the OSS in 1942 as Allen shadowed his then boss William “Wild Bill” Donavan, but would transition into Operation Paperclip several years later. The formation of DARPA and NASA would take place within a few months of each other in 1958 using Nazi Scientists, but it was the CIA that was formed In September of 1947 that a brunt of the Nazi’s would be recruited and stood up. Operation Paperclip was said to have ended in 1959, however, later documents would suggest the program secretly continued until 1990.

After the war, when the OSS was disbanded, and Allen continued working in intelligence and foreign policy circles as a dual-agent. In 1951, Allen was appointed Deputy Director of the newly formed Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and two years later, ascended to the role of Director, a position he would hold for a decade. Allen would be the longest sitting Director in the CIA’s history. It was his firing by JFK who would show just how deep seeded Allen was within the agency.

Allen’s tenure as the Director of the CIA was characterized as increasingly aggressive, marked by covert actions around the globe. Notably, he orchestrated successful coups in Iran and Guatemala (to name a few) and the assassination of the Heads of State around the world.

Another one of the operations that would take place during the standup of the CIA was the movement of Nazi/CIA assets (known as The Apostles) to Ukraine in 1948 after World War 2 had ended. These men would work closely with the Ukrainian Insurgent Army know as the UPA, which still has strong neo-Nazi embedded assets within Ukraine today. In fact, you may even recognize the flag which is currently flown by ANTIFA here in the United States. This is not a coincidence and something we will discuss further in forthcoming blogs.

One of the darkest moments in Allen’s career was his creation and involvement in the ill-fated Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, an attempt to overthrow then Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Against JFK’s direction, Allen once again would work his shadow government efforts in the operation, only this time the effort would fail as the operation did not go to plan. JFK, furious at what Allen attempted to do behind his back, would step in and take the political hit. In-turn however, he would fire Allen Dulles, thus ending his tenure as the Director of the CIA. It should be noted that JFK was not a fan of Allen Dulles and was warned by others around him that Allen was indeed one to keep his eye on. Allen and his brother John Foster had been working in the shadows of the government for far too long not to get the attention of MANY sitting presidents.

Additionally, Allen’s axe to grind with JFK was well-known within Washington’s inner-circles, but it was the assassination of JFK that would be, in my opinion, his biggest treasonous act.

Although the finger has never been pointed at Allen directly, he certainly had motive and his heavy involvement heading up the Warren Commission (appointed by Linden Johnson none the less) while feeding the panel a continuous spin of intelligence information was sure to keep all eyes off of him directly. This information, coupled with recent declassified documents by the NSA, now tells us that the CIA was indeed behind the assassination of JFK. Allen, likely with the newly seated Linden Johnson in his hip pocket, was place in a pivotal role to oversea the investigations outcome, and was smack in the middle of the dual-agents skillset he had mastered so well over the course of his career - all coming into play to pull it off ~ hiding in plain sight.

In fact, everything I have read about Allen Dulles would leave me to believe he was likely the mastermind behind ALL of it. From the Nazi infiltration of the US Government to the on-going shadow operations of the Deep State. He lurked in every corner of the world, masterfully manipulating everyone in his reach. Although Allen passed away in 1969, the New World Order (4th Reich) movement is still well intrenched within the core of our country.

Next, we will continue connecting the dots with our agencies and the key players over the years who have kept their plans on track.

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