The Nephilim

The Nephilim

The Nephilim, often shrouded in mystery and intrigue, appear in the annals of biblical history as beings of great size and strength. Their story, primarily found in the early chapters of Genesis and expanded upon in the Book of Enoch, has fascinated theologians, scholars, and believers alike. From a Christian perspective, the narrative of the Nephilim not only offers insights into the antediluvian world but also serves as a poignant reflection on the consequences of divine-human interactions gone awry. This blog explores the biblical and extra-biblical accounts of the Nephilim, focusing on their diet, their interactions with humanity, and the knowledge they purportedly shared with mankind.

The Genesis Account: The Origin of the Nephilim

The Bible introduces the Nephilim in Genesis 6:4, describing them as the offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men." This passage, while brief, suggests that their existence contributed to the escalating wickedness on Earth that ultimately led to the Great Flood. The biblical text does not delve into specifics about their diet or contributions to humanity; however, their portrayal as formidable beings implies they had a significant impact on the world around them - and not in a good way.


The Book of Enoch: Expanding the Lore

The Book of Enoch, an ancient Jewish text that is not included in the canonical Bible for most Christian traditions, provides a more detailed account of the Nephilim. According to Enoch, the "Watchers," a group of fallen angels, took human wives and fathered the Nephilim. This text offers additional insights into their way of life, including what they ate and their interactions with humans.

What the Nephilim Ate

The Book of Enoch suggests that the Nephilim had an insatiable appetite and consumed the produce of all the people until the people detested feeding them. Then, the Nephilim turned against the people to consume them. Additionally, the text mentions that they sinned against birds, beasts, reptiles, and fish, suggesting that their consumption was not limited to just the produce of the earth but extended to flesh and blood, leading to violence against humans and animals alike. 

Now before we get too far along, I would like to place a thought into your minds about who our government may currently be dealing with. When people on many of the unknown programs begin to testify they have actually worked in and around spacecraft and "greys" as they call them, down to the detail that these greys apparently like strawberry ice cream, I firmly believe they are not working with aliens, but demons, who much like their former earthly counterparts, have an insatiable apatite for human flesh. Is it possible, that a lot of the human trafficking could be used to feed them? Think about it for a minute, we have just had 85,000 children come across the border that have vanished. Is it plausible, as in the Days of Noah, we are interacting with these entities to gain advanced knowledge once again?  

The Knowledge They Gave to Man

Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of the Nephilim's legacy is the knowledge they imparted to humanity. The Book of Enoch describes how the Watchers taught humans various arts and technologies, including the making of weapons, the beautifying of eyelids with kohl, and the practice of sorcery and astrology. These teachings had profound effects on human society, contributing to the spread of sin and violence.

A Christian Perspective on the Nephilim

From a Christian viewpoint, the story of the Nephilim serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of overstepping divine boundaries. Their existence and the actions of the Watchers illustrate the consequences of disobedience and the corrupting influence of power and knowledge when used for selfish ends. The flood narrative, which follows the account of the Nephilim, underscores God's judgment on a world marred by sin and the hope for renewal through Noah and his family.

Reflecting on the Legacy of the Nephilim

In contemplating the legacy of the Nephilim, believers are reminded of the importance of adhering to God's commandments and the dangers of hubris. The biblical account, enriched by the vivid descriptions in the Book of Enoch, challenges Christians to consider the impact of spiritual rebellion and the redemptive power of God's love, offering a profound meditation on the human condition and the divine plan for salvation.


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