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Beard Balm

Beard Balm

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No man likes to have a dry and tangled mane. My Monkey Werx Beard Balm works to keep your beard soft while maintaining a limited ingredient list for sensitive skin types. I recommend my beard balm for anyone wanting to style and hold their beard in place or for added, longer-lasting hydration on drier skin.

Silas has a classic masculine fresh scent made with cedar leather and hints of vanilla, while Acacia smells of rich, warm, and woodsy scents with a hint of spice and bergamot.

Beard Balm is 2 oz. container.

How to Use: Scoop a small amount of product with your fingers and apply to the palm of your hand until melted. Work into your beard, massaging deep into your skin. Then comb through to position beard to your liking. The light bees wax will help hold, while the oils and butters make it soft and takeaway that wiry, dry, frazzled appearance.

For additional info on the Acacia balm from the Monkey himself, follow this link:

For additional info on the Silas balm from Monkey, follow this link:

Monkey tested, Monkey approved.

Product sourced in Canada 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Anthony Barrell
Bread of Knowledge 👎🏼

I purchased Beard of Knowledge this time because you no longer carry the Acacia beard balm. Why? I am not real impressed with the scent of Beard of Knowledge. I will likely continue to buy even though you do not offer Acacia just because the product itself is good and I like to support Ops Spec Monkey when I can.

Please bring back Acacia!

James Norris
Great product!

Product is great! I wish you would bring back Silas!!!!

Andrew Fasching
Great Product!

Great product that smells amazing! I use Monkeys oil first then rub in the beard balm. Great combo! Oil moisturizes and the balm calms down the frizz. Thanks Monkey! Keep that powder dry.