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Official Monkey Werx Challenge Coin

Official Monkey Werx Challenge Coin

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You asked for it and here it is! Great for military personnel, veterans, golf markers and aviation enthusiasts! This high quality made challenge coin represents everything that Monkey Werx stands for as a true challenge coin should do:

Front Side -

  • Hannim - Our Company Mascot

  • Banana Yellow - A Monkeys Favorite Color

  • Black Background - Coming out of the Darkness

  • Werx for the Soul - Our Company Motto

  • The Star Represents Texas

  • Jeremiah 29:11 - Favorite Verse that Represents why Monkey does what he does. It’s a calling.

    Back Side -

  • The Monkey Werx Logo

  • Mission Overwatch - As a Watchman, this is the essence of what we do

  • Stay Frosty - It has become the Monkey Werx catch-phrase

  • The F35 - Where Monkey spent most of his time developing the global supply chain and support for the world’s greatest 5th Generation Fighter. It is also where Monkey walked away to start Monkey Werx and answer his calling

This coin is the standard size for and weight of most challenge coins - 2” round and 1.2 oz in weight. It has been stamped and coated in epoxy to keep it well protected and provide a high-gloss finish along with a black chrome edge.

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